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H.A. Shaughnessy ( Alie ) was born and bred into the centerpiece of the craning and rigging industry of Boston. He derives from four generations of Shaughnessy’s originating in 1916 and has followed his ancestors legacy. 

He apprenticed at such a young age on the equipage of his family’s fleet, functionality and operation of varied heavy equipment models and manufacturers come second nature to Alie.

Throughout decades Alie has endured hoisting, hauling, and rigging some of the most historic, delicate and industrial materials and localities in Massachusetts. In that time Alie has earned a reputation for exceptional, expedient standards and talent with upstanding client satisfaction.

 A direct witness to the evolution of heavy construction equipment including improvements and imperfections Alie had the perception to visualize the multifaceted capabilities mini cranes can accommodate every phase of construction and provide assistance to the tradesmen offering the aids of strength, speed, accuracy, and simplicity. 

Alie relates the impact the Jekko mini crane will have on a multitude of building trades by saying “The introduction of Jekko mini cranes are to the industry today what aerial lifts were to us in the 1970’s.”   

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